June 2019

Was Britain’s greatest secret compromised ?

Film company Rapid Pictures Ltd have recently been filming at Bawdsey. Dr Phil Judkins, Radar Historian was interviewed in the Transmitter Block giving an insight into The Zeppelin spy trip.

The  Zeppelin spy trip ( prior to WW 2)to the East of England was looking at and listening into the towers on site.  The  Germans mission was to discover if the towers were something to do with Britain’s air defence system ……but in the end came to the conclusion that the towers were only for radio transmission!

There is an opportunity to hear Dr Judkins give an illustrated talk on the use of radar in the D-Day Invasion on Thursday 4th July, included in museum admission.  The talk, which is approximately 30 minutes will take place at the Transmitter Block.  It will be repeated throughout the day with the first opportunity to hear the talk at 11.30am.

Dr Phil Judkins and the film company in the Transmitter Block
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Was Britain’s greatest secret compromised ?