Our Trustees

Diane Clouting

Diane is Bawdsey born and bred and, having spent some years living away, she moved back to the village in 2017.   Diane’s background is in graphic design – her early career included working for British Telecom and London publishers Dorling Kindersley.

Diane’s grandfather was mechanic to Sir Cuthbert Quilter at Bawdsey Manor and later would often collect Robert Watson-Watt from his lodgings at Red House farm and take him to work at the manor.  Diane’s father also worked for the P.S.A at RAF Bawdsey in the 70s/80s.  These family connections and close business ties meant that Diane gladly volunteered to be a trustee in 2011 and is proud to be part of the on-going Bawdsey Radar journey.


Iain Dunnett

Iain has enjoyed a career covering environmental, recreational, heritage, economic and sustainable roles. He currently works for the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership. Previously he managed production of the Green Economy Pathfinder, this built upon his experience of raising and managing the aspiration and partnership of Creating the Greenest County in Suffolk.

Iain is focused on exploring partnerships and collaborations with the objective of generating new and innovative recognition for the important national heritage of the Bawdsey site.


David Heath

David spent most of his working life on the development of radar or radar-related equipment including working at English Electric Valves and at Marconi Radar to work on the development of the ‘Martello’ series of ground-based air defence radars.

David led the oral history project ‘Shout and Whisper’ many extracts of which are included in the current exhibition.  His passion remains to convey the excitement of working in science and engineering to all of our visitors.


Toby King

Toby became involved in 2004 as a young Woodbridge Air Cadet.  In 2010 he became a civilian instructor with 432 Squadron ATC and continued as a volunteer at Bawdsey becoming the main link between Bawdsey and the next generation of cadets who get involved during activity days

Toby is Bawdsey Radar’s youngest trustee and is in charge of health and safety and grounds maintenance.   He and the project have grown up together.


Sue Michell

Sue recently retired from working in education for 40 years.

Having previous museum volunteering experience Sue decided to get involved with Bawdsey Radar Group following its inclusion on the BBC Restoration programme in 2004.  Sue has been a Trustee since 2010 and her IT experience is now put to good use keeping the website up to date and solving any IT issues.


Graham Murchie

Graham has been involved in radio, both professionally and as a licensed Radio Amateur, for over 50 years. He was involved in developing the first digital terrestrial microwave links for BT in the 1970s.

He has experience as both a Chairman and CEO of small/medium sized companies and has recently been involved in an organisation that relies on significant volunteer help.

Graham Randall

Graham’s father was trained in radar at Bawdsey during the war before being posted overseas.  The family connection to radar continued when Graham himself started his career at Marconi Radar designing defence systems.

With his retirement in 2015 after working in a global company based in London, Graham joined Bawdsey Radar and took on the role of Project Director leading the trustee team for the restoration project.  He is the current Chairman.


Kate Riddington

Originally from Leicester, Kate has worked in museums for 20 years looking after natural science collections in Chester, Birmingham, and now Ipswich.  She has worked in small and larger institutions, and has experience with collections as well as learning.  Kate grew up in a family of engineers and is fascinated by all things STEM.


Kevin Sullivan