Oral History

Reg Mann

Radar fitter at Bawdsey 1946-1947 remembers dangerous operations.

Olivia Davies

Radar operator 1943 to 1945 recalls Bawdsey’s ‘luxury’ accommodation.

Joyce Curtis

WW2 Radar operator bombed by an aircraft categorised as ‘friendly’.

John Dugmore

WW2 Radar operator remembers a mass raid of Heinkels from first radar detection to viewing to going out to ‘guard’ a shot-down Heinkel.

Jean Williams

Radar instructor during WW2 recalls gun laying radar and comments on ‘man’s work’ and girls as radar operators.

Hilda Pearson nee Wilkinson

Radar operator in 1943 recalls Bawdsey being bombed.

James Atkinson

Helped develop the Chain Home receiver (under Cyril Fogg) remembers travelling between Chain Home stations in an Austin 12 driven by his wife.

Bawdsey Stories

These A4 PDF sheets provide an unparalleled insight into the world of Bawdsey in the words of those that worked there.


Bawdsey Stories

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A world first – the story of Bawdsey Radar

On 24th September 1937, RAF Bawdsey became the first fully operational Radar station in the world.

Remarkably, this was only a short eighteen months after the first experiment, conducted by Robert Watson Watt and Arnold Wilkins, which established that by using transmitted radio waves it was possible to detect an approaching aircraft.

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