August 2020

Summer Holiday Activities Week Two

This week’s activities include a Word Search, you can download here, an online quiz and a bit of information what the word ‘home’ meant to people during World War Two.


Home – what does it mean?

The word ‘home’ can mean several things – our home where we live or the home screen on our mobile phones.

In the World War Two the word ‘home’ was used in several ways.


On the ‘home front’ was first used in World War One and describes how the war affected ordinary people at home and how they worked together to win the war ‘on the home front’. The threats came from Zeppelin aircraft which dropped bombs and from shortages of food.

In World War Two, ordinary people again worked together to help win the war. They helped by working in factories, growing their own food, looking after children who had been evacuated from cities and making their clothes and food last as long as possible.


Chain home’ describes the chain of protection that radar stations made around our home country, the UK, in World War Two.

Radar stations, including Bawdsey, were usually built near the coast and they created a defensive chain of protection by identifying enemy aircraft and ships and directing the Royal Air Force and the Navy to the right place.


Bawdsey Radar chain home station was the very first one in the world!  Search on the internet to find an image of the chain home stations built around the British Isles.


World War Two quiz here

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Summer Holiday Activities Week Two