October 2020

Half-Term Activity: Morse Code

Morse is a particularly useful code because it can be sent in so many different ways.


You can use it with a whistle or buzzer or even by flashing a light. It can be tapped out or you can even blink with your eyes.

In Morse Code:


 (a)   a dot


       stands for a short signal


(b)    a dash


       stands for a long signal

When listening to morse code signals, a dash is always 3 times as long as a dot.

eg flash your light for a count of one to make a dot then for a count of three to make a dash. Between letters wait for a count of three.


Can you identify the message below?

The answer will be published at the end of half term on Twitter.


The  symbol indicates the end of a word

Click here for Morse Code Alphabet to help you.


Now try your skills and ask other people to decipher your own messages.


Try this Morse Code Quiz


Type the words Morse Code into your search engine to learn more about the inventor Samuel Morse and how this communication system came about.

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Half-Term Activity: Morse Code