August 2021

Wednesday Talks in September

During September talks will take place in the Transmitter Block on Wednesdays.

The talks will be given at 11am and 2pm on each occasion. See below for details of each talk.   It is essential to pre-book via the online booking system. Tickets include light refreshments, an opportunity to look round the exhibition and purchase items from our Gift Shop.

Please note the museum WILL NOT be open for general admission on talk days.


Wednesday 15th – The role of radar in the Allied air campaign over Europe – talk by Iain Dunnett

“This talk will be accompanied by a wide range of original props from World War Two that relate to the Allied air missions over the UK and Europe. The talk will explain how dependent these missions were on the secrets of the radar story and the key role that Bawdsey played in radar development, the defence of the UK and the ultimate challenge of the Allied air campaign over Europe.”

Duration of talk: One hour


Wednesday 22nd – Secrets and Spies (How Nazi spies lost the Battle of Britain) – talk by Graham Randall

“With increasing interest in the history of World War 2, so many intriguing stories are coming to light now.   One is how Nazi Germany’s spies failed to discover any worthwhile information about our radar systems – even sending a Zeppelin airship to travel up and down the east coast just four weeks before war was declared to try and find out what the large steel transmitter masts were doing.”

The talk is a fascinating insight into spies and spying and how so much effort was directed at the radar stations which played such a vital role in the Battle of Britain.

Duration of talk: 45 minutes


Wednesday 29th – Tracing WWII Relatives, talk by Dr Phil Judkins

Many families have stories or perhaps some old black-and-white photographs passed on from their relatives who were in the armed forces during World War II. But how do you go about finding out more details after so many years have passed?
This fascinating talk is given by Dr Phil Judkins the renowned radar historian and lecturer at Universities of Leeds and Buckingham.  Come along to Bawdsey Radar museum and discover how you can trace your family history from the wartime records and find out how to use the very many archives and sources of information that are available.
Duration of talk: 45 minutes
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Wednesday Talks in September