June 2023

VOLUNTEERS’ WEEK 1st-7th June 2023 Day 6

Tuesday 6 June

A ‘Thank you’ is not enough to encompass what Bawdsey Radar owes its volunteer team. Volunteers are the heart of this museum and so many organisations across this UK.

Thank you to our Ace Volunteer Team for every single thing you do, from greeting our guests in the museum to looking after the building and grounds – everything that makes Bawdsey Radar a wonderful place to be with a special story to tell is influenced by our volunteers. Our work in sharing the story of the men and women who lived and worked at RAF Bawdsey would not be possible without the endless effort and support of our volunteer team.

Volunteers Jenny and Rod Webb with Nigel Amies re-enactor
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VOLUNTEERS’ WEEK 1st-7th June 2023 Day 6