December 2023

Twelve Days of Radar – Day Four

Entertainment at RAF Bawdsey  Part 1

While those stationed at RAF Bawdsey certainly worked hard, plenty of time was also found for recreation. With this in mind, we will be sharing stories of recreation at RAF Bawdsey for our next two instalments of our 12 Days of Bawdsey.

Sport was particularly popular with those at the site. A section of the beach at Bawdsey was cleared of mines during the Second World War to allow those at the site to swim in the Deben and tennis was also a popular pastime.

In 1953, a large celebration was held at the site to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. This included various sports events, ranging from a tug-of-war to an egg and spoon race for both adults and children! Entertainers were brought in for the children, while there were also dances held and a bonfire lit to mark the momentous occasion.

A programme outlining the celebrations has kindly been donated to Bawdsey Radar by Betty Mitchell, a senior aircraftwoman at the station during the Cold War.




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Twelve Days of Radar – Day Four