August 2020

Summer Activities Week Four

Chocks away!

This week’s family activity is all about aircraft. There are some downloadable colouring sheets. We’d love to see them if you’d like to post them to Bawdsey Radar’s Facebook page.  And why not make a paper plane and challenge a friend of family member to see who’s plane flies furthest?


Than head over to CBBC and take a listen to the Horrible Histories’ RAF Pilots’ Song

In World War Two pilots had to be trained quickly and were often very young. The average age of a pilot in 1940 Battle of Britain was just 20. The pilots and aircrew were supported by thousands of ground crew who looked after the aircraft, people in the operations’ rooms who scrambled the pilots into the air and radar operators along with ground observers.

All these people contributed to the successful outcome of the Battle of Britain and the war itself.

Find out more about pilots and aircraft on the Imperial War Museum’s website






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Summer Activities Week Four