August 2020

Summer Activities Week Five

The summer holidays are nearly over and for many of us it’ll be back to school and work very soon.

Before you start packing up your new pencil case, why not have a go at our activities here?

Robert Watson Watt and his team of scientists, radar operators, engineers and technicians all helped to develop radar at Bawdsey in the run up to World War 2. Radar was so effective at finding and tracking enemy aircraft it helped win the Battle of Britain and protect the country.

Radar is still used today – to guide aircraft, to track storms and migrating animals and to look deep into space.

Robert Watson Watt was caught out by his new technology though! Radar is used in the speeding guns that measure how fast vehicles are travelling. Robert was driving too fast one day and got a speeding ticket!

Now, have a go at the maze and then see if you can count the number of aircraft….it’s pretty tricky!

Then follow the link to read the story of Hazel Hill who when she was 13 helped her dad to do the maths to work out the right number of guns needed on a Spitfire. Hazel’s calculations were spot on and made a difference to just how well the Spitfires would work in aerial battles.

What an awesome achievement!

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Summer Activities Week Five