February 2022

R and R at RAF Bawdsey

Did you know that the foot ferry between Bawdsey and Felixstowe was much patronised by the folk working at the RAF station? 

It provided the means to find some much needed R and R in Felixstowe after long shifts on duty. Or perhaps just a shopping spree (Felixstowe even boasted a Woolworths in those days!) and indeed the RAF children took the ferry to go to school “across the water”.

Local artisan and bookbinder Janet Watson beautifully alludes to this story on our specially commissioned handcrafted artists notebook.  As a special reference to the Trust, the illustration on the notebook shows the passengers in the colours adopted by Bawdsey Radar for its brand.

Find it online https://onlineshop.bawdseyradar.org.uk/item/handcrafted-notebook—bawdsey-ferry


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R and R at RAF Bawdsey