December 2017

Eileen Grey’s Wartime Service at Bawdsey

Bawdsey Radar recently had the privilege of visiting Eileen Grey who served at Bawdsey during the Second World War. As a Leading Aircraftwoman  she recalled her role as a radar operator.  She told us of her fathers opposition to her signing up; after she had enlisted he asked her what she would be doing, and she replied that she could not tell him. His retort was that ” it wouldn’t be much then” .  Little did he suspect that in her job she would be on the front line.

Eileen explained that there was great friendship between everyone at Bawdsey, ” they looked after you”.  She recalled that it never felt like a military camp, it was more like a second home and that Bawdsey was something you’d never expect in a war.

Visitors to the Transmitter Block will eventually be able to read Eileen’s reminiscences  and see some of her memorabilia in the ” resources” room.


Eileen in uniform                                Eileen today

at RAF Bawdsey

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Eileen Grey’s Wartime Service at Bawdsey