March 2021

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Chopping Board


  • Melamine both sides
  • 5cm x 18cm (23.7cm including handle) x 5mm
  • Weight 200g

Why Sheep?

This sheep motif has been adopted by the Bawdsey Radar shop, as a reminder of pre radar days and the search for a ‘death ray’. In the early 1930’s, the Air Ministry was becoming increasingly concerned that there were limited means of shooting down incoming bombers. They therefore offered a reward of £1,000 (more than £65,000 in today’s money) to anyone who could demonstrate a ray that could kill a sheep at 100yds. When no-one was able to claim this prize, it was observed that “the mortality rate of sheep was not noticeably affected”!

We love this story and hope it will make you smile each time you use your chopping board.

The hard melamine makes a good cutting surface and we recommend using the plain side to preserve the design. The board can be washed in hot soapy water and dried with a teatowel. It is not dishwasher proof, heat proof and should not be soaked in water.

This item is easy to pack and would make a great gift.

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Easter Online Shop Offer