January 2024

‘Connections’ at Bawdsey Radar

Did you work at RAF Bawdsey? Or do you or a family member who had a connection with the work done here?

There are many fascinating and moving personal stories of service at RAF Bawdsey before and during WW2, and throughout the Cold War. ‘Connections’ is capturing these stories and creating a new record of these experiences from people who lived and worked at Bawdsey and also from the families of those who served.

‘Connections’ will provide a moving and informative record of these personal stories and connections that will contribute immensely to the educational value of the museum. The records will be a digital resource available online for all to contribute to and as a source for research.

If you have a memory to share or a family or personal connection that you would like to add to the record, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Please email project@bawdseyradar.org.uk or ring 07821 162879.






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‘Connections’ at Bawdsey Radar