December 2023

Boxing Day Extra

Although our 12 Days of Bawdsey series has come to an end, we have one final Boxing Day treat to share.

We have recently had a series of flight logs donated to our collection. These logs belonged to Wireless Operator Williams, who we unfortunately have no other information about. He was in 228 Squadron, flying from Felixstowe on calibration flights for the testing of radar at Bawdsey, although it is unlikely that Williams would have known precisely what his flights were for as radar was top secret! There is evidence from pilots that they often altered the heights of their aircraft from the flight-plans to try and work out why they were being sent out to the Light Vessels. Williams flew in many aircraft, each of which are recorded in his flight log.

Wireless Officer Williams was also a talented artist and meticulously drew the radio equipment that he was carrying on board.

If anybody has any further information about Wireless Officer Williams, we would be delighted to hear it. Email us

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Boxing Day Extra