May 2022

Bawdsey Radar at Suffolk Show

BAWDSEY RADAR MUSEUM “Launches Virtual Reality Experience”

 – Suffolk Show – May 31st  and June 1st, 2022.


Bawdsey Radar Museum will be at this years Suffolk Show on May 31st and June 1st. The museum volunteers will be present in the Adastral Park Exhibit and in the ‘Military Discovery Zone’. The museum will be offering the first ever use of a new virtual reality experience (VR), developed in partnership with BT, this will be in the Adastral Park exhibit.

The virtual reality will provide a very exciting experience of climbing the giant Chain Home radar towers that stood 360ft tall at Bawdsey.  An immersive experience created by BT apprentices will provide 1939 views from one of the station’s Transmitter Towers.  Using virtual reality headsets, that will allow users to see the Bawdsey site as it would have been during its operation. The application shows the four 360ft tall radar transmitter towers that once stood on the site and Spitfires flying over the towers and out to sea to intercept enemy aircraft. It will also give visitors the chance to climb one of these towers, much like those who worked on the site would have had to during the war.

Radar was referred to as providing “the eyes of the few”, playing a vital role in supporting the fighter pilots during the intense days of the Battle of Britain and throughout the war. The radar museum tells the story of a “world first” in the development of radar.

You will find Bawdsey Radar in ‘The Military Discovery Zone‘ – marked as 1 in the Yellow Zone of the Show map and in the ‘BT Heritage Tent’ marked as 364 in the Red Zone on the Show map.

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Bawdsey Radar at Suffolk Show