December 2022

12 Days of Radar – Day Two

Eileen Gray (was Briscoe) was a Bawdsey Girl during the Second World War, serving as a Leading Aircraft Woman.

Eileen told us that there was great friendship between everyone at Bawdsey, ‘they looked after you’, and recalling it never felt like a military camp, more like a second home and that was something you’d never expect in a war’. We were lucky enough to get to know Eileen and she was the guest of honour at the official opening of Bawdsey Radar in 2018.

Eileen went to a dance at Bawdsey Manor on 28 June 1945 to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the founding on the WAAF. We are fortunate enough to have her Dance Card from the event. Eileen is pictured below in the 1940’s as well as in 2018.


Eileen in the 1940s and in 2018

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12 Days of Radar – Day Two