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  • June 2017 – Conserving the switchgear

  • The task of cleaning the switchgear has started. A team of volunteers are working with Conservator  George Monger to conserve the Switchgear at the Transmitter Block. They are removing surface rust and using a mix of renaissance wax and graphite to protect the surfaces against more corrosion. Cleaning up the labels on the front are revealing what all the dials and levers did! The work is being supported by a grant from the Association of Independent Museums.

  • May 2017 – Meteor Tracking

  • Bawdsey Radar held a meteor tracking event recently in Felixstowe library.  Our thanks go to Paul Whiting who laid on all the equipment and provided such fascinating information to everyone who came during the day. Click here for the video

  • May 2017 – Grass seeding

  • Earth banks are covered with a special matting for stability, prior to seeding.170515 blastwall earth bank2 170515 blastwall earth bank

  • April 2017 – METEOR Tracking

  • Saturday April 22nd was a great day for meteor tracking, peaking during the late morning.

    Paul Whiting of the Felixstowe and District Amateur Radio Society set up his equipment in the ‘top room’ of Felixstowe library. The visitors watched the meteor traces as they showed up on his screen with the red and yellow ‘spikes’ showing the size and speed of the meteors as they crossed the sky.

    Between  10:00 – 11:00 91 meteors were tracked;  11:00 – 12:00 84 meteors were tracked; 12:00 – 13:00 87 meteors were tracked 13:00 – 14:00 80 meteors were tracked and 14:00 – 15:00 75 meteors were tracked.

    Many visitors, several from overseas came to see the event and were thoroughly fascinated as they watched the traces come and go on the screen.

    Meteor Tracking display

    The other activity demonstrated was the trialling of our new ‘virtual reality’ tour of the main room of the Transmitter Block. Visitors could view 360degree panorama of the main room showing the physical state of the current room.  This was great for children and parents alike.

    Another ‘virtuality reality’ tour will be created at the end of the restoration programme so a comparison can be made. Also it is hoped that future reality tours will cover both the inside and outside of the Transmitter Block and its surroundings.

  • April 2017 – Tracking Meteors

  • This Saturday, 22nd APRIL, at Felixstowe Library, 10 am to 3:00pm.

    Bawdsey Radar are linking up with Felixstowe and District Amateur Radio Society to provide a live demonstration in the Library of meteor tracking.

    Saturday 22nd April is a great day for this as there will be a large number of meteors hitting the earth’s atmosphere that day and visitors will be able to watch as meteors are tracked with Radar.

  • March 2017 – New Visitor Services and Outreach Manager

  • Bawdsey Radar Trust are delighted to welcome Lynette Burgess as the new Visitor Services and Outreach Manager. Here Mary and Miriam discuss the new roof concrete with Lynette.


  • March 2017 – BRT at Societies Day

  • Bawdsey Radar joined historical groups and museums at a networking and sharing day organised by Suffolk Local History Council. It was a great success. All the visitors to the event are looking forward to the re-opening in the Autumn.


  • January 2017 – Visitor Services and Outreach Manager advert

  • The Trust wishes to appoint a Visitor Services and Outreach Manager on a part time basis (4 days a week) for a three year fixed term contract commencing in spring 2017. Until the Transmitter Block is fit to occupy, the successful candidate will need to be able to work from home.

    Salary: £27,500 pro rata (£22,000)

    For full job description click here.

    Closing date: Friday 17th February 2017. 

    Interviews will be held during the week beginning 27th February.

    Please email your CV with a letter detailing how you meet the requirements of the role, to our Project Manager


  • 2017 January

  • Following a short break for Christmas, work at the Transmitter Block is progressing well with over 95% of the blast wall repairs complete and the excavated earth around the blast walls is now being put back. In addition one third of the roof has been emptied of the shingle blast protection and is ready for waterproofing – our latest YouTube video showing this can be found here…

    Work will start later this month on the incinerator chimney and excavation of the walkways (between the blast walls and the Transmitter building) to install the new drainage.

  • 2017 January – A Happy New Year

  • A Happy New Year to all our Volunteers, Friends and Supporters of Bawdsey Radar Trust from the Trustees.

    Regular updates will be published as the project continues; check the yellow hat!

  • 2016 November – Site work begins

  • The contractors have started on the Restoration work and the weather has been favourable so good progress is being made.

    See our YouTube video “Site Work Begins”.

  • 2016 November – Volunteer Thank you

  • Thank you to Volunteers!

    The Chair and Trustees held an afternoon tea celebration to thank all the volunteers for their support over the past year. It was also an opportunity to meet our project manager, Peter Vadden and for him to update everyone on the restoration progress.

    Delightful entertainment was provided by Alison McWilliam who treated everyone to vintage style songs.





  • 2016 October – Builders move in!

  • With the building now empty, work has commenced in earnest on the conservation of the blast walls. Photo shows the extent of conservation required to the west blast wall.

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