“Shout and Whisper” Booklet


In 2005 Bawdsey Radar was awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant for an Oral History project to document the experiences of people whose lives were touched by what went on at Bawdsey. The project was called “Shout and Whisper”, which makes reference to the massive transmitted radar signal and its tiny reflected echo. The memories of more than 50 people associated with Bawdsey were collected and over 43 hours were archived. They are not dry technical accounts but vivid, lively, personal and often humorous reminiscences, which give an insight into the experiences of the people who developed and used Radar. The material is archived at the Suffolk and Essex Record Offices, the Second World War Centre in Leeds as well as the Imperial War Museum. There are also extracts on this website.

A booklet, together with a CD, has been produced with extracts from the interviews. There are some delightful memories about the “goings on” at Bawdsey and Felixstowe Ferry, with local characters remembered such as Charlie Brinkley and Albert and his bus. The book has been beautifully illustrated by a local artist, Mark Beesley, and has been printed locally.

Booklet with CD £7.50 incl. p&p

“RDF to Radar” Film on DVD


“RDF to Radar” is a comprehensive film review of the research and development of radar from 1935 to 1945 at Orfordness, Bawdsey, Dundee and Malvern. The Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) produced the 35mm film in 1945. It was found in 1993 and transferred onto a DVD by Douglas Fisher. John Snagge’s wonderful narration enhances the period feel of the film. It is a B&W film of 41 minutes duration.

“RDF to Radar” Film on DVD: £17.50 incl p&p

RAF Bawdsey Lapel Badge

RAF PinBadge 2

A metal and enamel lapel pin badge based on the RAF Bawdsey badge.

“First in the Field” is raised metal text in a recessed metal scroll.
Actual size 25.4mm x 19mm

RAF Bawdsey Lapel Badge £10.00 incl. p&p

Bawdsey Logo Tea Towel

Tea Towel

100% premium cotton tea towels are prepared and finished to the highest standard.

Made from the best grade cotton and super absorbent, they are ideal for everyday use as well as a great souvenir.

They are made and printed in Suffolk, hemmed on all sides and measure approximately 78cms x 48cms.

Bawdsey Logo Tea Towel: £8.50 incl. p&p

Bawdsey and the Development of Radar


A 12 page booklet describing the development of radar from the first experiment at Daventry through to the building of the first Chain Home Station at Bawdsey. It also features the work carried out by female radar operators in the Receiver Block.

“Development of RADAR” Booklet: £3.00 incl. p&p


MUG Save Radar

Our new limited edition Fund Raising mug.

This bone china mug is designed specially for Bawdsey Radar. It is made by Carters of Suffolk.

Purchase this mug to help raise funds for our project.

“SAVE BAWDSEY RADAR” Mug: £12.00 incl p&pLOGO

“Daventry Experiment” Mug


This commissioned mug depicts the Daventry Experiment which took place in February 1935. Local artist, Mark Beesley, designed the picture and the mug was manufactured by Tony Carter Ceramics. The picture shows the moment at which Watson-Watt and Arnold Wilkins detected a signal from the nearby BBC radio transmitter being reflected from a Heyford bomber.

“Daventry Experiment” Mug:  £12.00

Daventry Experiment Picture