Save the World’s First Operational Radar Station

The Transmitter Block at Bawdsey was part of the world’s first operational radar station. Radar played a vital role in the Battle of Britain and was the starting point for many inventions that have changed the world.

The pioneering work done at Bawdsey helped save Britain. Now Bawdsey needs your help to save the Transmitter Block.

The Transmitter Block Project has received Heritage Lottery Funding to investigate the work which needs to be undertaken to save the Transmitter Block and to develop within it an exhibition and activities that will make it a heritage attraction that is vibrant, fun and worthy of its enormous significance.

We have been awarded a Grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund of £1.4 million but Bawdsey Radar Trust has to raise an additional £400,000  as match funding.

Please help us to do this by making a donation either through:

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Complete the Donation Form and send with your cheque, payable to Bawdsey Radar Trust, to
Bawdsey Radar Trust, PO Box 199, Felixstowe, IP11 1BQ

The project will:

  1. Conserve the Transmitter Block, an historic 2* building of international significance, which is currently on the English Heritage ‘at risk’ register
  2. Provide a new thought provoking exhibition that will tell the story of radar
  3. Increase opening times and make the Block a fantastic place to visit for the whole family
  4. Provide modern facilities and car parking
  5. Develop educational opportunities and activities for schools and community groups
  6. Provide a fitting tribute to all those men and women who worked so hard for the safety and security of us all