Bawdsey RadarWelcome to Bawdsey Radar

Bawdsey Radar was formed by a group of local people in 2003. Its aim is to conserve the Transmitter Block and create a new exhibition for visitors to learn about the groundbreaking work that took place at Bawdsey.

Visit the Transmitter Block

The Transmitter Block on the Bawdsey Manor Estate is part of the world’s first operational RADAR station. Today it is open to visitors and houses an exhibition explaining the story of RADAR. Discover the team of scientists who developed RADAR and how their work helped win the Battle of Britain.

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    ** Next Openings will be
    Sunday 24th and Monday 25th August **
    * * * * * * *
    The VISIT US page has all the dates for the year

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    ** Radar at the Edinburgh Film Festival **
    Trustees visit French Radar Museum
    See LATEST NEWS page

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    Did you serve at Bawdsey Radar Station? if so, why not come to the Bawdsey Reunion Association lunch

    Look at the Bawdsey Reunion Association page for details